New Theory Radio

New Theory Radio is a radio show/podcast hosted by Nav Nanwa. Each week, he is joined by a new panel of guests to 'theorize' on the week's happenings in current affairs, pop culture and everyday life. The live show will also feature curated playlists encompassing both local and mainstream talent. The show airs live on CFRE 91.9 and Thursday evenings. The podcast version of the show will be available on iTunes every Friday.

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Rogers TV - Business Casual

‘Business Casual’ was a weekly talk show hosted by Nav Nanwa. It profiled the local Peel business community, and the issues/news affecting the business world. It was one-hour in length and aired on Rogers TV Peel from 2016 to 2017.

Business Casual Host Nav Nanwa talks the Art of Side-Hustling (a way to make some extra income that allows you flexibility to pursue what you're most interested in) with Rogers TV's Jahmeelah Gamble, Secrets of a Side Huster's Chivon John and Desifest Creator Satish Bala.
Host Nav Nanwa welcomes WWE Superstar/ owner of Battle Arts Academy - Anthony Carelli (Santino Marella) to talk about his transition from being a professional athlete to entrepreneur.
Host Nav Nanwa interviews Legendary Drummer and Owner of Metalworks Studios - Gil Moore about his transition from being a Rock Star to a Successful Entrepreneur.

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Live Hit Demo - Rogers Cup

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ENG Demo - Marsalis Beckford's Quest For A World Record

Marsalis Beckford is focused on breaking a national bench press record; and wants to prove that people with non-traditional backgrounds can compete with the best.

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